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Add A Backup Camera To Your Original In-Dash LCD Screen

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At Rostra, we’re pleased to announce a large expansion to our factory-installed LCD screen interface camera system program. Now available for ordering, our RearSight® interface application listing includes plug-and-play kits for many popular GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, and Toyota vehicles. The applications found in the guide below (PDF download available by clicking here) include either our discrete wedge-shaped CMOS camera, our teardrop CMOS or CCD camera, or a custom tailgate-handle integrated CMOS camera (available in black and chrome) to retain the factory look of a truck’s tailgate.

Please note that some of these systems do require programming by a dealership to activate the camera once installed, but the necessary steps for these procedures are outlined in the instructions included with each kit and labeled as “DAR: Yes or No” on this guide.

Don't forget to check out our new PoP RearSight® countertop displays and our RearSight® screen/camera interface posters.

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Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, and Toyota Tailgate Handle Backup Camera Systems

Today's drivers are more safety conscious than ever. With the popularity of SUVs, trucks and larger vehicles, blind areas behind and beside the vehicle are an increasing problem. Sophisticated technology now makes it affordable for drivers to have an added dimension of safety. A RearSight® Automotive Backup Camera System makes backing up easier and less prone to accidents. Nearly every kind of vehicle can benefit from a RearSight Camera System. And with the many systems and options Rostra offers, RearSight is sure to be one of the most desirable safety products in the aftermarket.

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